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November coat hanger

3.500 kr.

Like the autumn trees the November coat stand is raising its naked branches towards the sky. Erect and stoically it is carrying the weight of the coats as long and adopted leaves. The stool that seems to be bending the knee to make an energetic jump to get a little attention, is ready to serve a seat to you whilst taking of or putting on your shoes.

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We are Studio FEM. Our passion is to design products and spaces that will push traditional boundaries and arouse curiosity. The aim is to design the perfect solution that fulfills the customers’ expectations

We are two individuals with different personalities and backgrounds. We believe the interaction between our differences and our various interests is what gives StudioFEM the opportunity to bring something new to the design scene. Design that will bring your everyday delight.

Designer: Studio FEM (Anders Engholm & Sarah Cramer)Studio FEM (Anders Engholm & Sarah Cramer)

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