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Luna lounge chair

Luna gives you the strict and proud solitude look that frames the room with the tranquility and simplicity. 70 % recycled Margrethe Wool from Nevotex completes the picture of a very elegant and durable chair no matter if it is the lounge for the hotel lobby or the quiet corner of the home.

In a project we can help find other options for the upholstery that fits with the room and request. Note we do have strong considerations to increase the range with a 2-seater. Let us know if this could be interesting. The Luna range are all adequate for the meeting room, the restaurant, the bar or the home that aim for a classic look and a long-lasting acquaintance.

Steffensen & Würtz is a Danish design studio located in Aalborg. They create appealing, long lasting, and durable design that are meant to be used in your everyday life.

Thomas and Pia: “We believe that design is about creating useful products that makes your everyday great.

Designer: Steffensen & Würtz (Pia Würtz Mogensen & Thomas Steffensen)

We are B2B and B2C

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