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Madame & Monsieur

Charming combination of the Scandinavian design language with the rattan material that speaks the language of nature. This chair works well in the modern home showing both feminine and masculine attitude through material and shape. Use it in the restaurant or café and show the casual, natural yet pure and simple expression. Add on the armrest to Madame and Monsieur appears before your eyes with his cheeky moustache.

Danish Designer Bertil Stam founded Node in 2012. Node is a Furniture and Product Design Development Company mixing more than 10 years of manufacturing, technical and commercial experience into modern design development.

Our knowledge of constructions, materials and production processes, has helped us to create award-winning designs that are sold globally.

Bertil Stam: “Good design lasts for generations”

Designer: NODE (Bertil Stam)

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