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Queen B dining chair (2pcs set)

5.200 kr.

Queen B combines the very simple with the very sophisticated. Even stripped from anything unnecessary, it still carries royal elegance. Use it in the office as a conference chair, in the restaurant or in the dining room. It is possible to influence the upholstery within a certain order quantity.

Combinations are possible with stained or natural Oak or the upholstered version with the thick and good-quality velvet or even leather. The slightly stackable feature ensures a high load to the warehouse supporting sustainable transport.

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For our own developments and designs, and for the designers who prefer to be combined with this trademark instead of their own studios with CaDot® Design, we have registered 2DOT® to hold furniture that either does not fit into CaDot® Design collection, but even so are a significant parts of our business and available to our customers maybe even with an exclusivity.

Designer: 2DOT

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