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We find our customers amongst Retail chains, Wholesalers, Traders, Designers or Manufacturers.

We can meet you where you are, and we offer that you can step into our business where it suits your business. Whether it is B2B retail, wholesale, contract projects or even as private customers.



We can source quality or design furniture for brand houses, high end retail chains or wholesalers within the categories dining and living.


Apart from producing our own CaDot Design collection, we offer to act as producing and QC partner for retail chains and wholesalers who already has sourced their producers in China, but need a monitoring organization with a solid setup of inspectors working with Qarma and AQL mainly within the categories of design furniture for dining and living (including upholstery and board furniture)


As a consulting or sourcing partner for retail and wholesale partners, we have a gained a substantial knowledge of compliance with EUTR, REACH, FSC and design brand export to China in the categories of furniture for dining and living. We offer our services as partner for negotiation of agreements and contracts with suppliers.


Leeke companies are the sourcers, consultants and managers of processes leading to creation of designed or quality furniture collections for international B2B customers capable of receiving high volume



Leeke is supplier, consultant/agent and controller of design processes for ODM and OEM furniture production projects in cooperation with CaDot® Design Community and selected producers.



Leeke is jointly the creators, design managers and producers of the CaDot® Design licensed Collection, of which a part is already sold with exclusivity agreements (EDA) to wholesalers in various countries.

We are now looking for new distributors and dealers.


For development of ODM we have at the moment 45 designers possible to work with, 21 are active in our own collections. You are welcome to challenge the community with a design brief.

Do you have your own designs or designers, made your first prototype and then got stuck, or do you have your own licenses but have no idea how to find the right manufacturer, we can help to make the sourcing and production. 

Or how about finding the suitable customer, or even be part of our own next development of the CaDot® Design collection.

We can help source OEM with several manufacturers and customers. 

Our ability to maintain the whole chain from idea to delivery, but also to offer to customers to step into our business where it suits with their business

B2B Retail and Retail chains

For our own ranges and collections in CaDot® Design and 2DOT® we offer to customers in retail in a consolidation. If the customer can maintain container direct business, we can to a lesser extent offer sourcing and development.

The ability to transfer designers’ work into commercial designs which include the development and manufacture of furniture for living and dining, lamps and to a lesser extent interior are our expertise.

B2B Contract

When looking through our catalogues you will sense that many of the products are so-called “cross-over” products. This means that they are equally suitable for the domestic use as well as contract market. Sometimes we can offer small adjustments to strengthen the product or make sure it can pass a requested standard test.

We can work with both Bifma and EN tests. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have an idea for a piece of CaDot® Design collection for your next restaurant, hotel lobby, waiting room, meeting or conference room.

B2C Customer

In China we have already established a consolidation warehouse, so we are capable of combining containers with high mix to customers or to our next project, the warehouse in Denmark. This means we can deliver to the retail customer, and at the same time, we will offer to the private customer at RRP (recommended retail price)

We would like to be in close contact with our consumers and going forward we will establish a way to let them express themselves to us directly in a more structured way. We know they want beautiful furniture design, good quality and like something with a genuine Danish name and style attached to, but we are always looking out for the comments from the roots, so do not hesitate to meet us at LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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