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Teddy lounge chair

If you want a room inside the room, Teddy invites you to enter its cave of horizontal comfortable cool lines. In the lounge you can rest and concentrate, be with others and yet alone. As a dining chair it is a comfortable and supportive chair that ensures your space.

It is possible for a contract project to scale the Teddy lounge to a dining chair and a 2-seater with high sides, let us know if this is interesting.

Steffensen & Würtz is a Danish design studio located in Aalborg. They create appealing, long lasting, and durable design that are meant to be used in your everyday life.

Thomas and Pia: “We believe that design is about creating useful products that makes your everyday great.

Designer: Steffensen & Würtz (Pia Würtz Mogensen & Thomas Steffensen)

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