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Ubebe lounge chair (exclude leather cushions)

6.875 kr.


You may very well be looking at the next Danish classic lounge chair. Made from solid ash or oak from one end to the other, this wonderful piece of furniture has so much simplicity, such pure lines that it fills the heart with ease every time you look at it.

Sometimes the most complicated looks the simplest, and believe us, when we say that every detail has been well investigated to make the perfection. Leather cushion is an additional item that increases the comfort. We aim at designing a stool for Ubebe and considers also other wood species for future production.

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Professionalism and a great passion for the beauty in wood has followed Ulrik Bebe in his work both as a cabinet maker and furniture designer. He is the head of the wood workshop at Danish Art Workshops where he every day helps the users to put their creations to life.

Ubebe lounge chair are designed by the strong Danish furniture tradition represented by Ulrik in the most beautiful way with its clean and yet curved lines that form a comfortable seating furniture of high quality

Designer: Ulrik BebeUlrik Bebe

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