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Ego wall mirror

This extraordinary mirror comes not only with beauty, but with several functions. Outside covered with the elegant and 70 % recycled Wooly wool from Nevotex where the sewing pattern underlines the half and full moon expression. Use this as a pinboard or close the door and just show a calm and graphic expression when the mirror is not in use. Behind the front you will find the magnetic board with the nice special designed magnets covered in the same wool material. Mount the mirror left or right as you please just by flipping it. Extra magnets can be delivered as a side item.

The name EGO means “I” in latin. Ego has often been looked at in a negative way, and so has the ability to love yourself.

Often, we doubt ourselves and have a habit of talking badly to ourselves. We want to turn the page – literally and figuratively. Our design is a space where it is okay to love yourself and throw all your negative thoughts away. When EGO is open, a space is created for contemplation that connects the design and the user.

Matilde and Nicoline joined us right after their graduation and EGO mirror is an exams project that we together developed from a prototype into an object possible to mass produce.

Matilde & Nicoline: “For us, furniture design is a way in which we can tell a story, and we want our designs to bring Danish furniture design to a new level.

Design is about having the desire to change something for the better and affect people positively in their daily life.”

Designer: Matilde & Nicoline (Nicoline Vestergaard and Matilde Enemark)Matilde & Nicoline (Nicoline Vestergaard and Matilde Enemark)

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