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Blad vase

The elegant vase is part of a whole range from Made by Bent, which is cut out for the modern lifestyle hallway, but also very nice in the bed- or living room. The vase makes a complete hallway for decoration, but no reason to limit yourselves with this nice item that goes well in a series of 4 as well, use it in every room in the bar, the office or the hotel lobby.

Lasse Bent Bøchmann Sundgaard, founder and creative director of Made by Bent, is originally from the area around Copenhagen in Denmark. The idea of creating his own label became a reality when he moved to Hamburg / Germany. In 2015, he designed a pre-model of the bicycle trailer ‘GREN’ as a birthday present. After playing with styles and shapes, he realized that there was nothing like it on the market and Made by Bent was born! Made by Bent is not only a brand, Bent is Lasse’s middle name and it also represents what he strives for in design – Simplicity, functionality and quality.

Designer: Made by Bent (Lasse Sundgaard)

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