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Woodpecker dining table

Woodpecker shows us something totally new. It is fresh, elegant, free, and a spirited design. Even with the lightness of its appearance it is still very strong. Appealing to the user who want to show some nerve and love of trendsetting design in the home or in the conference room the avantgarde 2020th Scandinavian expression. The table is big enough for the small family and very practical to enlarge a bit when it grows or with guests.

Woodpecker is the creation of Jacob Amtorp. It had a difficult birth, being evaluated with several highly esteemed Design houses, but always ended up as rejected due to difficulties for the production or even being too avantgarde for their classical lines. Together with the two Leeke directors, Woodpecker dining chair underwent some adjustments, which shaped the currently bestselling product at CaDot® Design collection and becoming a large range with Dining chairs, Dining table, Console table/desk, Stool and Barstools, and we will probably not stop there.

In 2021 Jacob Amtorp and Woodpecker was admitted to NIL, the Norwegian yearbook for Designers and Interior Architects. Also, interviewed for an article in the Chinese Furniture magazine credited Jacob who was invited as speaker of modern Nordic Design at CIFF.

Jacob: “When I was younger, I was a rather “fanatic” supporter of the functionalistic era in design and architecture. Today I am less fanatic, but I still use some of the principals in my designs by not having elements merely for decoration. On the contrary, every element must have a functional purpose. The choice of materials, shapes and construction must be chosen to meet the specific purpose. I have noticed that Scandinavian Design appeals to Asian markets. I think due to simplicity and function. The right ergonomic quality and proportion. I have a feeling this apply with the culture as well”.

Designer: Jacob Amtorp

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