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Tramme bar stool

Both we and the designer understand your skepticism, but Tramme barchair is not only spectacular and more or less a piece of art or a sculpture, it is also stable and quite nice to sit on.

Claus Bjerre normally works within the field of experimental furniture design, creating unique pieces that challenge traditional notions of design and construction methods: “Most of my work is not suited for mass production, but it is still important to me that my furniture gets a life outside the workshop; that they are not only experiments – and this collaboration makes it possible. To me a piece of furniture is not finished until it is used”, Bjerre explains.

As one of the very first designers that joined the community, we created “TRAMME” together, and it is still available for mass production for the right customer. TRAMME was one of the first showpieces on our first international fair in September 2019 in Shanghai International Furniture Fair. Claus is an untraditional furniture designer, never afraid of taking a step into the unknown. TRAMME is a fine example, daring to show off as unstable, being the exact opposite.

Claus: “I am a furniture designer and primarily works with traditional understanding of furniture design; with material for mass production, furnishing and furthermore teaches in design. I graduated from the Danish Design School in the year 2000 from the Institute of Furniture and Spatial art, and took part of my education at the Institute of Furniture Design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki Finland. MA. in art history I completed my study of art history in 2014 from the University of Copenhagen. My optional subjects are Design and Architecture.”

Designer: Claus Bjerre Design (Claus Bjerre)Claus Bjerre Design (Claus Bjerre)

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