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Mushroom BS1 table lamp

Now here is much more to what meets the eye with Mushroom. The lamps that almost grows out of the concrete foot as a mushroom curve being held by the incredibly slim and almost fairy like oak stem that is crowned with the white shade that fulfils the impression.

The LED lamp has a dim function is discretely placed at the foot of all table lamps and with the brass detail on top of the floor lamp just below the shade. All table lamps have USB charge ports and for phones prepared for wireless charge, you can just place your phone on the foot and it is automatically charged.

Klaus Lund works with design processes in stylization manner of speaking. His shapes are transformed from the very organic, as he continuously defines lines into the simple and tight shape that characterize the Nordic style. The idea for the Mushroom lamp series is transformed from the image of a light and almost luminescent mushrooms growing out from a piece of wood.

Designer: Lampemager (Klaus Lund)Lampemager (Klaus Lund)

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