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MOTO Side table

Everybody simply needs to touch these wonderful waves on the bench, so soft, so hard. So strict the design, so nice the wavy lines that breaks up the strictness. Like a Viking that carry the sea within himself, so does Moto give you the extraordinary experience with the solid oak waves and the strong legs that supports them.

The side table combines the sense of stone and wave bringing you even closer to the North Sea of Denmark.

Monewment is a small design studio with big ideas! Combined these two young designers dare the conventional way of creating and seeing furniture in a new perspective. You will be surprised to sit on the waves of MOTO bench, and how the leg is capable of meeting the table top like a hook.

Mette and Oliver: “We want to make the world our playground and fill it with innovative furniture and products. We wish to create new moments with our designs and through these build new monuments for future homes.”

Designer: Monewment (Mette Capersen & Oliver Ejlersen)Monewment (Mette Capersen & Oliver Ejlersen)

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